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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Air-intake System.. Fuel Saver?

Just installed an air-intake system... claimed to improve around 30% of mileage (heheh, doubtful? me too. kekeke). The kit costs RM180. What the heck, just give it a try. It was not a desperate move, but a kamcheng move to support the one who recommended me the system mah! Will report later if this thing works or not.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Talk Only Mah!: Some ideas on Solving Subsidized Petrol Problems in Malaysia

Talk Only Mah!: Some ideas on Solving Subsidized Petrol Problems in Malaysia

Just to review what happened after I had written my previous post (as back-linked above) and Bolehsia had a price hike of petro:

(1) Cut the Bleeding Arm - Okay, not full market price but a good meaningful step.

(2) Rewards and Penalties - RM625 is good subsidy for those 1.6L and below, but too linear for those 2L car owners.

(3) Let them Dog Eat Dog for Malaysians' sakes - This is the most disappointing part. Read the news below:

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA increased the sales commission for gasoline station operators on Wednesday following complaints that profit margins had fallen in the wake of a recent fuel price rise, officials said.

'The government has taken a very big step. ... We are accepting the offer,' Mr Zulkifli Mokti, vice-president of the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia, said.

He said the government increased the commission from 9.5 sen (S$0.04) to 12.19 sen (S$0.05) on every liter of gasoline sold and from 4.5 sen (S$0.02) to 7 sen (S$0.03) on every liter of diesel sold...

Why not let the market supply and demand work it out? Let the poorly run petrol stations go bankrupt mah! Talkandshare Mah!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 Nissan Sylphy is Here

They claimed this box can drive 16KM/Liter. Hmmm.. that will raise few eyebrows, not the looks though.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Japanese are working on it... kekeke
Monday, June 23, 2008
Japan To Lend $9.3 Billion To Australian Resource Projects
Chris Oliver
MarketWatch Pulse

HONG KONG -- The Japan Bank for International Cooperation will lend roughly 1 trillion yen ($9.3 billion) during the next five years to help fund the operations of Japanese companies involved in natural resource projects in Australia, according to a Japanese media report. The first investment will see the bank extend $1.6 billion in loan financing to a consortium that includes Kansai Electric Power Co. , Tokyo Gas Co and Woodside Energy Ltd., which are seeking to develop a gas field off the west coast of Australia, the Nikkei newspaper reported Monday, without saying where it got the information. The funding is intended to help Japan secure stable supplies of natural resources, the report said. The planned lending will increase JBIC's share of loans to projects in Australia and Oceania to around 10% of its total loan book within five years from about 3% currently, the report said.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

GP Week Mah!

What the heck, politically correct or not (petrol burning machines), pic only mah!

Fuyoh! Like That Also Can? Gas Station Owners Can be the Judges Wohhh

Dual-pump system for border petrol stations


Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that under the system, locals could purchase fuel at subsidised prices while foreigners do so at current market prices through separate pumps.

"The system has two benefits, namely foreigners will pay for petrol at the current price and Malaysians will know the actual market price of petrol," he said.

He said the system was based on Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad's suggestion.

Shahrir said the system could be implemented as soon as possible following positive response from fuel station operators who had agreed to shift to the dual pump system.


Asked on the mechanism used to differentiate purchase by foreigners with that of local citizens, Shahrir said the station operators would have to look at the vehicle's plate number. -- Bernama

Palm Oil Plantations Still OK Mah!

This plantations index weekly chart forming good uptrend channel!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

To Hybrid or Not To Hybrid? Simple Math

Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3L RM 162,800
Claimed Fuel Savings Up to 50%
Say Your Petro Bills RM 500 per Month and wanna own this Hyrid for 7year
Savings of 7year x 12 x RM 500 x 50% = RM21,000

Tak boleh lah, bo hua leh. Not working out leh, high price and depreciation have already killed the tree hugger like me.. Please reduce Hybrid tax and duty lah, no need to issue special AP for get rich quick scheme. If Hyrid can sell RM 73,450 (directly converted from US retail price $22,600 mah), we patriotic Malaysians will switch to Hybrid and can save government billions of subsidy money loh. Deal or no deal? Reverse your thinking mah! Talkandshare Mah! Talkonlymah!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gold 888, not again

Brother Gold, Hope you have had enough fun this level. Would you now move on please?

Leno, What have you done?!

I just hope it wasn't you...

The Star Online
Wednesday June 18, 2008
Doc molested me, claims clinic assistant

BUKIT MERTAJAM: A 27-year-old woman who works part-time as a clinic assistant has lodged a police report against a doctor for allegedly molesting her in his clinic.
The single mother with two children claimed that the 41-year-old doctor had asked her to stay back on the pretext of wanting to discuss work matters with her last Saturday.
The woman said she felt uneasy when she saw the doctor tidying the bed in the examination room while she waited to have their discussion.
She alleged that the doctor switched off the lights in the room, grabbed her hand and hugged her.
She said she managed to free herself and went to lodge a report at the Central Seberang Prai district police headquarters in Bandar Perda.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kungfu Panda Love Guru

Typical Hollywood style. Taking others' cultures as the back-bone of the stories; Americanized them; make them both superficial and entertaining. Argh.. cultural contamination is not a crime.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Week On.. Burning More Expensive Petrol

Today I just topped up my fuel tank for the first time after price hike. Not a pleasant experience to see the gasoline amount ticks going up and up (kekeke, very different from watching stocks price ticking up :D ). And it is official, I have gained a whopping 14% mileage efficiency after a challenging week, feel like a champion now. Don't play play. Here are the tips, some are actually from this article (
  1. Turn off the Air Con - The harder it blows, the more petrol will be burned off. I am lucky that certain parts of my commuting journey to and fro works are smooth enough for me to turn off the air con and open up just a small slit of windows for ventilation. As a guy, can tahan lah.
  2. Go easy with the pedal - Not the piano pedals lah.. the gas pedal. This is tough, for a guy. If you can try not to ramp it up to 3K rpm, that's good for the engine and your pocket. By the way, it is okay to be called sissy driver though. wahahah.
  3. Avoid stop-go stop-go - Traffic lights we can't avoid, but certain points (like stop over to buy newspaper, tapao.. blah blah blah..) can be controlled lah. Sometimes it may require you to walk a bit if you decide to consolidate all the trivial activities. That's good news for a guy, the more you walk, the better blood circulation in your groin area (performance up leh). wahahaha. No offense to female readers, do encourage your bf or hubby to walk more leh... wakakaka.
That's all for now. My next plan is to get a voltage stabilizer as some say it can get about 10% fuel efficiency. Let's see how it goes lah.

Is Gold trending up still?

Today a visitor named lee asking me this question "Is gold trending up still?" I think I need to give my opinions on this properly. Short Term: Price movements for the past 30 days, it is actually down trending. Long Long Term: Price movements for the past 5 years, uptrend is still intact lah. Coming days' prices are crucial for us to observe whether its support level USD850 can hold or not...

Pretty Scary Shit. Really no idea who this Juseleeno is?

Mr. Juseleeno, born in 1960 (reportedly still alive in 2008), is a Brazilian who has made many predictions and MOST have come to pass, including Princess Diana's death by car accident (which is instigated by someone near her and will probably unfortunately be written off as a car accident), 911 and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.

He sees the future in his dreams and has an average of 3 to 9 such predictions per day. When he wakes up, he will write them down and send warnings to those concerned. If it concerns only a normal individual, he will write a letter to warn him/her. If it is a famous person(celebrity, politician, etc.) or matters concerning the public, he will not only send it to the individual himself/herself, but also related agencies, government, and media. He urged the media to publicise these predictions, but the reply always went along the lines of rejection for fear of arousing public panic.

Future predictions:

2008, July........ There will be an earthquake in Japan, which will cause a tsunami of 30 plus meters high to occur as well.

2008, 18th September........ An earthquake with magnitude of approximately
9.1 will rock China, simultaneously causing a tsunami of more than 30 meters to occur, resulting in the deaths of more than 1 million people.

2008, 17th December........ Terrorist attack in America.

2010........ The temperatures in some countries of Africa could be as high as 58 degrees Celsius, and there will be a serious shortage of water.

2010, 15th June........ The New York Stock Exchange market will fail, causing an international financial crisis.

2011........ The research on the treatment of some cancers will be completed but a new life-threatening virus will appear. People who are infected will die after only approx. 4 hours of coming into contact with the virus.

2013, 1st – 25th November........ An earthquake, caused by volcanic eruptions, will happen on Bahama Island of the Canary Islands. A gigantic tsunami of roughly 150 meters will result. America mainlands, Brazil & etc. will be affected, with the tsunami pushing into the land as far as 15 to 20 km. Before the occurrence of this gigantic tsunami, the sea/ocean water levels will sink by about 6 meters, and large flocks of birds will start to migrate.

2014........ A small planet that has been gradually closing in on Earth might eventually collide with Earth and this collision, if come to pass, will affect the survival of humans as a whole.

2015........ By the mid of November, the average temperature of Earth could be as high as 59 degrees Celsius. Many people will die from the overheat and international confusion and terror ensues.

2016, April........ A huge typhoon will invade China, causing massive damage.
The 43rd USA president, George Walker Bush, will enter the hospital, and faces a life or death situation.

2026, July........ A super earthquake will occur in Sans Francisco, and it will be named "The Big One". Huge damage to surrounding areas. Many volcanoes will re-activate, and the height of resulting tsunami will be more than 150 meters.

Mr. Juseleeno made known his predictions in hopes that people will take heed of his warnings so that these disasters may be avoided. He hopes there will be a major change in the thinking of people's mindsets in the time period 2007 – 2008. One factor will be the environmental issue of global warming which is more serious than what some meteorologists assume.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Most searched words linking to my site : Chevrolet Malaysia

Been looking at my blog stats recently, and come to conclusion that the most searched words linking to my site are "Chevrolet Malaysia", not my saham talks, now that's ironic :D It probably shows quite many are interested in knowing more of Chevrolet in Malaysia, for more economic foreign-branded subsitiute vehichle over stronghold of Toyota and Honda here. Or... it might suggest lack of information of Chevrolet Malaysia.. kekeke, I still don't like Hicom marketing lah. I only have one suggestion to Hicom marketing, come advertise here, I will give you good words then.. kekeke.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Advertising Talkandshare Mah!

Advertising Talkandshare Mah!
~ Malaysian Stock Market News, Tips, Rumors. Sharing trading and investment wisdoms, advices, ideas.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gold Investment thru Public Bank Berhad

Public Bank's Gold rate on 6-June-2008 was Selling 94.78 / Buying 91.78 (roughly 3.2% spread). OK, let me take 91.78 for calculation. 91.78 was *roughly based on 5-June-2008 NY Closing 878.00. To convert it to per gram: USD x 6-June-2008 Avg. exchange rate 3.2580 / 31. 1 grams per ounce.

(Note* : since I do not know Public Bank based on which market's closing price and which exchange rate).

On 6-June-2008 intra-day market, Gold was actually gaining strength. Taking advantage of Public Bank Gold Investment One Day Late quotation, I saw that as an opportunity to purchase its gold on 6-June.
Good move indeed. 6-June-2008 NY Closing price 902.2. Using the same formula, I get RM 94.51. This price almost off-set Public Bank's 3.2% spread, and not yet factored in the slightly weakened Ringgit Malaysia. Will see how the spot Gold perform in coming weeks. Will it break-out USD920 level? I am keeping my fingers crossed...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Gold 888!

I like this price, its chart could be better though. I look forward to doing it again at 999! akekeke.

This Arnold is Serious.

Centaurus, Carlyle Carve Gas Caverns as Traders Bet Prices Rise
By Joe Carroll

June 4 (Bloomberg) -- John Arnold turned $8 million into $1.5 billion in the past six years by betting on natural-gas prices. Now the former Enron Corp. trader is seeking his next fortune under a Colorado cow pasture.

Arnold's Centaurus Advisors hedge fund and the Carlyle Group buyout firm are digging natural-gas storage caverns 2,500 feet (760 meters) under scrub grass on Rocky Mountain ranches and cypress trees in Louisiana swamps.

Storage demand is surging as new pipelines and import terminals expand supplies of natural gas, this year's second best-performing commodity after coal. Speculators buy and store the fuel when costs are low and sell as prices rise during cold snaps or heat waves in major U.S. cities.

``If gas is $12 but you think it's going to $15 next winter, you can put it in storage now,'' says Jim Tobin, a U.S. Energy Department analyst, quoting prices for a million British thermal units. ``Maybe it cost you a buck in storage fees, so that's a $2 profit, assuming you called it right.''

U.S. storage growth hasn't kept pace as demand has climbed from gas-fired power plants, the fuel's biggest consumers, Energy Department figures show. Storage capacity climbed 4.4 percent in 10 years, trailing a 69 percent rise in power-plant consumption as gas replaced coal to reduce emissions linked to global warming.

The U.S. has 397 natural-gas facilities that can hold about 8.33 trillion cubic feet of gas, up from 7.98 trillion a decade ago, the Energy Department says. Investors bet that storage will do well even as imports of liquefied natural gas slow and the industry needs to win approval for new pipelines.


I was on :D Re Malaysia Petrol Price Hike

Thanks Boon :D

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Follow Up: Why the removal of fuel subsidy despite a net-exporter nation?

Talk Only Mah!: Why the removal of fuel subsidy despite a net-exporter nation?

Maybe they read my blog and copy my ideas. wahahaha... The petrol price hike came sooner than we could say "shit". As anticipated, in most of the online chat / trading communities, many now blaming the government, making emotional comments, irrational remarks, and etc., but almost none is taking his/her position in a constructive manner.

"The cars nowadays just get bigger and so are the fuel tanks, and we are doing well and wanting to upgrade our cars every now and then. Never mind fuel prices. We have goman to take care of that," Had you ever had this kind of thought before? The price hike is a wake up call to most of us. We have been enjoying too much cheap fuels, so is to cheap labors, now we are just paying the real prices (almost). We have been laughing at Bolehsia's Tongkat Policy. So what now? Crying out for we need subsidies? We can't have double standard, can we? Life goes on. Think of a way to reduce our living costs.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TOM's Top Pick This Week: Tips to Gain that Extra Mileage

Tips to Gain that Extra Mileage - by Sunny Tan

1 Use Air Conditioner sparingly
Air conditioners can use about 10 per cent extra fuel when operating and is a super drain on your engine's efficiency, so don't use it unless you really need it. If you're within one or two minutes of your destination, turn off the air conditioner and let the fan continue to circulate the cold air in the car. It won't become unreasonably warm in that length of time.

And don't buy into the myth that it always takes as much gas to drive with the windows open as it does using the air conditioner. There is some disagreement on the subject, but most advice says that at low speeds and stop and go traffic, it costs less to drive with the windows down, but on the highway, using an air conditioner is cheaper.

2 Drive slow and steady
Drive between 45-55 kmph. The faster you drive, the more wind resistance your vehicle will face. If you speed above 60 kmph, you will waste your petrol. Tests have shown that you can get up to 40% extra mileage at 45-55 kmph as against 80 kmph. I know this will be frustrating to all our dear Malaysian drivers, but heck, isn’t this all about petrol saving tips? I'm not saying we should all travel around at 55km per hour, but if you reduce your speed by even a small amount the rewards are substantial.

3 Switch accessories before start
Switch off all power consuming accessories before switching on the ignition so as to minimize battery load during the next start.

4 Strut tower/anti-sway bars
Purchase and install strut tower and anti-sway bars. They increase control, which allows you to corner without loosing speed - which makes it easier on the brakes and requires less gas to accelerate.

5 Avoid Jack Rabbit Start
Eliminate jack rabbit starts (sudden acceleration from idle). It wastes fuel. Accelerate slowly when starting from dead stop. Don't push pedal down more than 1/4 of the total foot travel. This allows carburetor to function at peak efficiency. Roughly 1% in fuel economy is lost for every mile per hour driven above 55 mph.

6 Putting your car gear into neutral or park position
When sitting at a set of traffic lights or in traffic for an extended length of time, put your car into neutral or park. This can save a significant amount of fuel.

7 Clutch and Accelerator play
Don’t manipulate the clutch and accelerator to stay stationary because it wastes fuel. Use handbrake instead.

8 Shut your Windows.
Shutting all your car windows while driving will make your car more aerodynamic. This will improve your car's fuel efficiency. Driving with them open drastically reduces your fuel efficiency, far more so than putting the air conditioning on when motorway driving. An open window can increase fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. For a person who spends RM100 a week on petrol, 20% savings could mean saving RM20 a week, which adds up to RM80 a month. That is money one could pay towards his/her bond or be money saved for a rainy day.

9 Check & Replace Air Filters Regularly.
Air filter prevents dust from Fouling the engine. Dust causes rapid wear of engine components and increases fuel consumption. Cylinder bores wear out 45 times faster in engines without air-cleaners. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve your car's gas mileage by as much as 10 percent in petrol consumption. Your car's air filter keeps impurities from damaging the inside of your engine. Not only will replacing a dirty air filter save gas, it will protect your engine.

10 Switch off accessories before start
Switch off all power consuming accessories before switching on the ignition so as to minimize battery load during the next start.

11 Get your engine tuned up!
Tests on a large number of cars prove that you can save as much as 6% by tuning your car regularly. If your engine emits black smoke, has poor pulling power or consumes large quantities of oil, get it checked immediately at a reputed garage. A delay may prove more expensive in terms of petrol and oil as compared to the cost of an overhaul.

A poorly maintained engine can cut gas mileage by 10 to 20 percent. Make sure the spark plugs are firing properly. Replace them if they are due. Be sure to use the proper thickness of fluids in the engine, transmission, and axles. Otherwise, an engine has to work too hard and unnecessarily consumes more fuel. Dirty engine oil is also thicker, making engines less efficient. An engine with fouled plugs, dirty air filter, erratic timing, a sputtering carburetor, or weak compression will gobble up fuel and perform dismally. Always make sure the engine timing is appropriate.

Argh.. Bye Bye Subsidy.. partially for now.

June 04, 2008 18:26 PM

Petrol, Diesel Prices To Increase At Midnight Tonight

PUTRAJAYA, June 4 (Bernama) -- Petrol and diesel prices will go up by 78 sen and RM1 per litre respectively at midnight tonight, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced Wednesday.

The prime minister said the new price for petrol at the pump would be RM2.70 per litre and diesel, RM2.58 per litre.

Abdullah told a news conference at his office the Cabinet had agreed on a cash rebate for Malaysian owners of private cars and motorcycles to ease the burden of the rise in the fuel prices.

"A cash rebate of RM625 per year will be given to owners of private cars of engine capacity of up to 2,000 cc and pick-up trucks and jeeps of up to 2,500 cc.

"Owners of private motorcycles of engine capacity of up to 250 cc will be paid a cash rebate of RM150 per year," he said.

The prime minister said the cash rebate would be given to the owners of the cars and motorcycles when they paid or renewed their road tax.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why the removal of fuel subsidy despite a net-exporter nation?

Let’s not speculate nor be emotional, let’s analyze this rationally, the dummy 101 way. I do not have the figures on hand or off my head (and I doubt I can get real figures anyway), so I use simple formula to illustrate my case “Profits = Ex – Im – Sub”

Ex = Export of Malaysian Oils ($)
Im = Import of Foreign Oils ($)
Sub = Subsidies

There are many factors can affect the out-come of the “Profits”, for instances,

1) Management of selling price (Ex)
2) Output / Successful Exploration (Ex)
3) Management of buying price (Im)
4) Domestic Consumption (Im)
5) Inefficiency (Sub)

Note: (In case you don’t know, inefficiency is a nice way of saying small time and big time smugglings, and who knows how many more ways out there to abuse the subsidy system).

In the old days, the spread of retail price and import price was not so big, so still can party on lah. But now, Malaysians still enjoy relatively low retail prices, err... some Thais and Singaporeans also enjoying them; and not to mention the mega industrial consumers, while the spread of retail price and import price is getting bigger and bigger. It does not take a genius to figure out, the subsidy amount will get bigger and bigger until one day we will be making loss on the left side of the formula, if not already.

Ones can always argue we are a net-exporter what. Net my ass, net. Tell me is that a net barrel or net amount, and they really don’t matter. Net Barrel is eventually turned into amount which is greatly affected by the sample factors mentioned above. As for Net Amount, I have already explained.

I may sound and talk like an asshole for not standing by the side of most Malaysians (hoping and praying that the removal of subsidy was only a joke). That’s ok. And I have to tell you to stop denying the fact that we can no longer afford cheap fuels. So, think positively, come out good ideas to save fuels lah. Stop being a cry baby : gimme gimme subsidies. Kekekek.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

This one is real pedas, can burn down your axx-hxxxx.. :D

Gold building base? more corrections to come?

Weekly Review: 080530

FKLI: Coincidentally, FKLI closed at 1270 which was the same as previous week close, but one was downtrend and this week was uptrend. Yes puteri, it looks like it has U-turned :D ... after triple bottoms. kekeke.

Plantations: This daily chart of plantation index looks good too.

Words borrowed from Dr. Alexander Elder:

Trading is so exciting that it often makes amateurs feel high ...Nobody can get high and make money at the same time.

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